EUFEP-Congress 2017

Child and Adolescent Health – Merely Child’s Play?

Public Service Obligation and Parental Responsibilities
Location: Krems an der Donau. Kloster Und.
June, 21st - 22nd, 2017

The health of our children and adolescents is an important predictor for the future health of our society. Relevant health-related behaviours are learned during childhood and can contribute to either a reduction or an increase of disease patterns. Compared to other Western countries, Austrian youth begin alcohol and nicotine consumption at an earlier age. However, they also engage in sports on a more regular basis than youth from other countries (Felder-Puig, Teutsch & Hofmann 2014).

Population-based approaches to health promotion and prevention aim to steer the health behaviour of children and adolescents in a positive direction and create a health -promoting environment. Bottom-up approaches to health promotion encourage the participation of children and adolescents in order to develop interventions according to their needs. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of many programs targeting health promotion and prevention remain unclear.

The 5th Congress of the European Forum (June, 21st - 22nd, 2017) for Evidence-based Health Promotion and Prevention will focus on health-related issues for children and adolescents. Leading international experts in this field will present on the following topics:

  • Can mandatory prevention be ethically justified?

  • Why do Austria’s efforts to reduce alcohol and tobacco use in youth remain unsuccessful while other countries experience success?

  • How do innovative Good Practice examples operate?

The European Forum for Evidence-based Health Promotion and Prevention also provides opportunities for networking and critical discussion.

Day 1

21 June 2017

 09:00 - 09:15 


Opening Welcome



Dean Stefan Nehrer (Danube-University Krems)
Elfriede Riesinger (Director of the Health and Social Fund of Lower Austria)



Member of Parliament Martina Diesner-Wais
as a representative of Governer of Lower Austria Johanna Mikl-Leitner

 09:15 - 10:45 


Plenary I: Topic: Child and Adolescent Health in Europe: Where Do We Stand?



Chair: Gerald Gartlehner and Ursula Griebler



1. David Taylor-Robinson; Department of Public Health and Policy, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, Honorary Consultant in Public Health, Alder Hey Children´s Hospital, Liverpool, United Kingdom: "Health Status and Determinants of Child and Adolescent Health in Europe"



2. Claudia Wiesemann; Institute of Ethics and History of Medicine, University Medical Centre Göttingen, Germany: "Child and Adolescent Health: Societal or parental responsibility"



3. Mike Kelly; Primary Care Unit, Institute of Public Health, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom: "Top-Down und Bottom-Up Ansätze in Public Health Policies"

 10:45 - 11:00 


Coffee Break

 11:00 - 12:00 


Panel Discussion: Topic: "Child and Adolescent Health: Health Promotion and Prevention - Public Service Obligation and Parental Responsibilities"



Chair: Andrea Fried



With: Claudia Wiesemann (University Medical Centre Göttingen), Mike Kelly (University of Cambridge), Bert Ehgartner (science journalist), Irene Promussas (Lobby4Kids)

 10:00 - 12:00 


Workshop for Journalists (Topic: Vaccination)

 12:00 - 13:15 


Lunch Break

 13:15 - 14:15 


Session 1: Topic: Voluntarily Vulnerable: From Opposing Vaccination to Mandatory Vaccination



Chair: Karl Zwiauer



1. Ursula Wiedermann-Schmidt; Institute of Tropical Medicine, Medical University of Vienna, Austria: "Evidence-based Recommendations for Vaccination Programs"



2. Mark Muscat; WHO Regional Office for Europe – Vaccine-preventable Diseases and Immunization Programme, Copenhagen, Denmark: "International Vaccination Policies: Maximizing benefit of vaccines – measles vaccination as an example"

 14:15 - 15:15 


Session 2: Topic: Resilience: Keeping Mental Health in Balance



Chair: Hans Salzer



1. Michael Fingerle; Institute of Special-Needs Education, Goethe University, Germany: "Resilience in Children and Adolescents as Well as Approaches to Foster Them"



2. Christina Salmivalli; Department of Psychology, University of Turku, Finland: "Mental Health Promotion Through Bullying Prevention: Implementation of the KiVa Anti-Bullying Program"



Departure for the Evening Event: World Café (Stift Göttweig)

 16:15 - 17:30 


World Café



In the relaxed atmosphere of Stift Göttweig, we invite all EUFEP participants to delve deeper into certain topics and exchange ideas and solutions with experts in the fields:

  • Energy Drinks und Energy Produkte (Martin Hulpke-Wette)
  • Top-Down and Bottom-Up in Public Health Policy (Mike Kelly)
  • International Vaccination Policies (Mark Muscat)
  • Bullying Prevention (Christina Salmivalli)





Day 2

22 June 2017

09:00 – 10:15


Plenary II: Topic: Benzos, Cookies, and Binge Drinking: How Adolescents handle Substance Use



Chair: Doris Ehringer-Schetitska and Ursula Hörhan



1. Ludwig Kraus; IFT Institut für Therapieforschung, Munich, Germany: "European Prevention Strategies for Substance Use: Overviews and critical reflection"



2. Alfred Uhl; Competence Centre for Addiction, Gesundheit Österreich GmbH and Sigmund Freud University, Austria: "How Evidence-based is Substance-use Prevention: How evidence-based can it be?"



3. Martin Hulpke-Wette; Child and Adolescent Cardiologist, Germany: "Consequences of the Consumption of Energy Drinks and Energy Products by Children and Adolescents"

10:15 – 11:00


Panel Discussion: Topic: “Substance Use – Austrian’s youth intoxicated?”



Chair: Barbara Urban



With: Alfred Uhl (GÖG), Ludwig Kraus (IFT), Martin Hulpke-Wette (Child and Adolescent Cardiologist), Andrea Richter (School Psychology-Educational Counselling)

11:00 – 11:15


Coffee Break

11:15 – 12:15 


Session 3: Topic: Parents: Neglected Target Group for Health Promotion Measures for Children



Chair: Christina Kien



1. Raimund Geene; Department of Applied Human Sciences, Child Development and Health, University of Magdeburg-Stendal, Germany: "Health Promotion for Families"



2. Silke Geers; "ElfE-Project" in Cooperation with Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin and Gesundheit Berlin-Brandenburg e.V., Germany: "Participative Health Research: Peer-research with parents as a method for equal opportunities"

12:15 – 13:30


Lunch Break

12:45 – 13:30


Poster Presentation



Best Poster Award Presentation

13:30 – 14:30


Session 4: Topic: Screening Interventions for Children an Newborns



Chair: Reli Mechtler



1. Inanna Reinsperger; Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Health-Technology Assessment, Austria: "Status-Quo, Redevelopment, and Outlook: Mother-child screening interventions"



2. Thomas Steffen; Medical Services, Health Department Basel City, Switzerland: "Screening Interventions for School Children as an Important Current Public Health Task: Experiences from Switzerland"

14:30 – 15:30


Session 5:  Topic: How Much Do We Value Our Children´s Health?



Chair: Ludwig Grillich



1. Stefan Willich; Institute for Social Medicine, Epidemiology and Health Economy, Charité Berlin, Germany: "Cost-Effectiveness of Lifestyle Interventions in Children and Adolescents"



2. Peter von Philipsborn, Faculty of Medicine, Technical University of Munich, Germany: "Environmental interventions to reduce the consumption of sugar-sweetened-beverages"

ca. 15:45                              


Farewell and End of Congress


Programm Download

Scientific Advisory Committee

Prima. Dr. Doris Ehringer Schetitska Ursula Hörhan 
Prim. Dr. Johannes Püspök 
Prim. Dr. Hans Salzer 
Dr. Ernst Tatzer 
Prim. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Karl Zwiauer


Call for Posters

Call for Posters

Present a poster about your scientific project on the subject of "Child and Adolescent Health" at EUFEP 2017.

Key areas of interest

  • National and international programs for health promotion or prevention of child and adolescent health
  • Evaluation of prevention strategies for children and adolescents
  • Economic aspects of health promotion and prevention of child and adolescent health

Application Guidelines

Participants wanting to present their research on "Child and adolescent health" need to submit an abstract online via the website by 15.05.2017 (Deadline). Abstracts may be submitted in German or English (Number of words: min. 250, max. 300).


  • Background
  • Methods
  • Results of the work presented
  • Take-home message


Participants whose abstracts have been accepted are kindly requested to bring along a printout of their posters (only A0 – 84,1cm x 118,9cm, upright format will be accepted!). Their posters will be displayed during the poster session (the exact date and time of the poster session will be announced in the program).

Poster competition

The top three posters will be awarded € 300.--, 200.-- and 100.--, respectively. Authors of the awarded posters are invited to present their poster in a short oral presentation during the poster session.

Award criteria

  • Relevance of the project (in general and for EUFEP 2017)
  • Sound methodology of scientific work or project
  • Degree of innovation
  • Creative poster design


Authors will be informed by mid-May 2017 whether or not a submission has been accepted for EUFEP 2017. First authors (or at least one co-author) of an accepted abstract have to attend the conference at the day of the poster session.


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